Sunday, October 9, 2016

Colleen (Cécile Schott) - The Golden Morning Breaks - The Leaf label - 2005

My absence during the majority of the summer was not intentional; it was a very difficult time (not going to burden or bother everyone with details - we are all here, after all, for glorious music!) and although 'this' continues for me, I'm glad that the oppressive heat and turmoil of the season is over.
One issue that I will share - and this is quite embarrassing for me - is my dreadful financial state which forced me to cancel my internet provider for a couple months. Never imagined it would come to that! Alas, this is but a "first-world problem" as they say - but then again having an i.s.p. or a connection of *some kind* is pretty basic, like owning a phone. So the "bargain" tier service I'm using now is slowww - slow like a Purcell Fantazia in fact (zippyshare is currently taking 12 min to upload 100mb!). But, I am here all the same!

So much for not whining/kvechting : /  I did keep it short, which is atypical for me hehe.

This is an album that I turned to repeatedly during the summer to try to find peace and calm, surrounding myself with Schott's mysterious and quiet beauty. This is her 2nd album from 2005. 
Composer and musician Colleen (Cécile Schott) creates an aural realm that is oft melancholy yet also cheerful - one must really listen to what's happening to "feel" it. She creates ambient sounds that are dark, yet also full of light that shimmers and sparkles delicately. Schott achieves this by employing all types of bells, chimes and even a glass glockenspiel from the 1800's. On this album she also plays several acoustic guitars, small electric pianos and organs, a harp, primitive mallet instruments, and a handful of toy instruments (such as a hand-cranked music box). 


1. Summer Water
2. Floating In The Clearest Night
3. The Heart Harmonicon
4. Sweet Rolling
5. The Happy Sea
6. I'll Read You A Story
7. Bubbles Which On The Water Swim
8. Mining In The Rain
9. The Golden Morning Breaks
10. Everything Lay Still

I first discovered Colleen's music in the debut film "The Unloved" by Samantha Morton. I find the film to be as poetic and magical as it is sad and tragic (it's a child's eye view of the U.K.'s government-run care system for orphans and children in danger who are stuck in foster care. The music meshes with the atmosphere and images as if Schott's pieces were composed for the film (the film was made 4 years later, in 2009). This is a film that I am really fond of and definitely recommend. The soundtrack also includes works by Colleen taken from other albums - I just might upload some others even if just a couple of people are receptive to this music. Hopefully everyone can find something to enjoy here!



Anonymous said...

Dear Tzadik, Great to see you back, but sorry to hear of your tough times. You can always share your difficulties. I don't think it is a burden to anyone; we can always listen, share and maybe give an advice.
Anyway you shouldn't be embarrassed by your financial difficulties,unfortunately you are in good company. I must say that other blogs offer the loyal visitors an opportunity to donate to the blog by placing a donation button, while others introduce pop-ups, which can be irritating but might help you and the blog stay afloat(?)
Thanks for a great blog. I hope that you'll have a Shana Tova for a change.


Yosef said...

Thank you the Colleen is beautiful! Do you have colleen et les boites à musique by any chance?

La Danse de Puck said...

Soooo glad to see you back.... And also rather unnerving to hear of your perils in your "First World" situation. Here, in "Third World" abode, we also manage to survive and sometimes don't succeed. It seems the global situation is at sixes and sevens!! Must admit that music is the only out... Internet is "almost" as important as the air you breathe... Mainly because it is our link with the world, to music, to like minds, to soul mates you never knew you had ... So, want to wish you well and celebrate your new posts with British Composers... THANK YOU from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

Tzadik said...

Hi Leopold (fan of Stokowski, Wolfgang A. Mozart's father, or your actual name? just curious :)

I want to thank you for your empathetic comments, and I am sorry that you too are familiar with tougher times.

You know I have actually thought about a "donate here" link a few times for my blog, and even allowing ads (which yes regrettably lead to pop-ups and other unwanted nuisances) but I simply do not have the heart to do it. Especially the advertising, and even though a bit of money can be made monthly (from what I understand it isn't much - but anything would help me survive a bit more tbh..) this way I just HATE when I encounter this on blogs - at this point I don't visit such blogs any more; it's worth it to me and I have so much music that I can skip what I don't have - better than crashing my browser or having automatic downloads that aren't authorized. Even the donate/paypal type of thing, I would feel overwhelmingly guilty.

But thank you for the tip. I simply wish I cld afford better food and more important - better internet providers! lol I'll happily starve for better performance online!



Tzadik said...

Yosef......funny you should ask!! Colleen et les boites à musique was what I was considering posting right after this Colleen post! I would be happy to post it for you when I can :) Some of that music too was used in the film I mentioned in the prior post..


Tzadik said...

La Danse de Puck hello my friend, thank you so much for the friendly greetings!! The global situation is mostly atrocious I think. And I hate feeling powerless - I wish so very much that I could make some small difference out there - I have almost lost my living quarters several times this summer which is scary, a devilish depression w. excruciating anxiety has almost put me in the ground - yet, while I sit here now safely there are young innocent children and families, bombs falling only 20,30,40, 100 feet etc. from them; living each day not knowing if there will be a tomorrow is truly hell and one I have been fortunate to never know. But it's always happening somewhere. A repulsive world with defective humanity.

ANYhow.... yes I agree 100% about escapism via music and the internet - bittersweet as it is (just referring to the 'net) Music is indeed the oxygen, it's LIFEBLOOD!. And you are indeed a kindred spirit and It's a gift to have visitors like yourself here :-)

Be well,

your Tzadik

r. said...

Hail Tz!

thanks for this colleen album... i´m very pleased to hear this entirely new music (uncatalogable as new age, experimental, folk
or selfproduced!) it´s very exquisite... again thanks and go ahead
your service is allways welcome

...and your contribution of Hovhaness music are very apreciated,
let me thank you this time for your posts of artic symphony, the
works with yolanda kondonassis (love harp, oud, gamelan and cembalo
upper than any instrument... heheh)the star dawn! and his "The Lord
is Reigneth" from his wife superb... simple and superb

so xcuse me for my extend, thanks



Ricardo Sosa said...

I saw "The Unloved". It's sad and beautiful film! I will enjoy the music again.
I like to listen composers and players who I never heard before.
Thank you for all you upload.
I listen ALL you uploaded.
Thank you, again.

Ricardo Sosa
Buenos Aires, Argentina, at a some place in the world.