Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bohuslav Martinů - Memorial to Lidice - Symphony No. 4 - Concertos (Richard Hickox, Rafael Kubelik, Walter Weller)

This double disc has "historic" (a.k.a. just older, in this particular case) recordings under the direction of Rafael Kubelik and Walter Weller on disc 1 (ADD), and entirely digital (DDD) recordings on disc 2 as directed by Richard Hickox. All works are taken from other discs within the EMI vault for this compilation (The Hickox, first 3 works anyhow- is from a Virgin Classics disc, an excellent one at that that I still own to this day). The works that make this set special for me are the "Double Concerto for 2 String Orchestras, Percussion and Timpani" and the still lesser heard/recorded "Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra", plus The "Sinfonia Concertante for Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Cello and Orchestra" is also a great addition, and it's excellently played by the City of London Sinfonia under Richard Hickox. "Memorial to Lidice" is hear offered also in a very good and emotional reading indeed. The "Sinfonietta la Jolla", one of my favorite Martinu pieces, on disc 1 is also well done however cannot hold a candle to the version on Chandos that I posted a month or two back. Symphony No. 4 is a stunning work, as are all of Martinu's Symphonies, and here the reading under Weller is imo good but not excellent. I prefer the Chandos and BIS (among several others) many times more. Either way Symphony No. 4 is still very worth hearing no matter who records it! Enjoy

Disc 1

Disc 2


D.ydak said...

Tzadik thanks for this Martinu it's a pleasure to have!

Tzadik said...

You're quite welcome D,ydak thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Great Martinu, gracias Tzadik

Tzadik said...

You are welcome anon person!