Friday, October 24, 2014

Leoš Janáček - Sonata for Violin & Piano - Romance - Dumka - Allegro - Capriccio for Piano left-hand, Flute, Two Trumpets, Three Trombones and Tenor Tuba

While in his 60s, as I already mentioned previously, Janacek produced a nearly unbroken string of masterpieces including several of the greatest operas of the 20th century. "The Violin Sonata in A flat", completed in 1921 is among those masterpieces, an emotionally intense and unusually structured work (it is also included in my previous post along with the two String Quartets, although the Sonata on this recording is played by a different violinist, and is 2 minutes shorter in duration than the previous disc) The "Capriccio" - a weird piece even by Janacek’s standards - is an oddball "chamber concerto" of sorts, which seems to dart from mood to mood, in and out of dark corners with echoes of old folk dances in them, before finally coming to an optimistic conclusion. It's an explosive mix of humor, sentiment, and frank brutishness. It's scored for for "Piano left-hand (as requested by a pianist who had lost his right hand in the Great War), Flute, Two Trumpets, Three Trombones and Tenor Tuba" (probably the most common of instrumental ensembles, no??)

We also get three early works for violin and piano: "Romance", "Allegro", and the better known "Dumka". To my ears it's the "Allegro" that is the most interesting of the three. Enjoy.


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Francisco Rivero said...

Thank you for all your wonderful music. This link is broken. Could you please reupload. Thank you again.