Friday, October 17, 2014

César Cui - Suite Concertante for Violin and Orchestra - Suite Miniature - Suite "In Modo Populari" - Marco Polo

Here's another oldie from Marco Polo. In his four orchestral Suites César Cui demonstrates his ability in the handling of attractive smaller forms, belying contemporary accusations of lack of skill in orchestration. Suite No. 4 offers orchestral arrangements of piano pieces written originally for his Belgian patroness, the Countess of Mercy-Argenteau. The Suite concertante for violin and orchestra makes an unusual addition to solo violin repertoire.

César Cui, one of the group of five nationalist Russian composers of the second half of the 19th century known as the Mighty Handful or the Five, was the son of a French officer who had remained in Russia after the retreat of Napoleon in 1812. In common with other composers of his generation and background, he had a career apart from music, in his case as a professor at the Academy of Military Engineering, an expert in fortification. This did not prevent him from ambitious activity as a composer and an important career as a critic, often harsh and intolerant in his judgements. He is best known for his colourful short piano pieces.


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