Sunday, October 26, 2014

Malcolm Arnold - Sinfoniettas Nos. 1-3 - Oboe Concerto - Flute Concerto - London Festival Orchestra - Ross Pople, Conductor

I have had 100's of composer obsession/phases over the years, and Malcolm Arnold is no exception. This is a nice disc from Arte Nova (many people may recall when this label appeared; it was one of the best "budget labels" at the time, next to Naxos, Discovery, Vox Box and a couple others) a label that could have ended up like the empire that is Naxos-however this has not to be the case, yet the label boasts several hundred records and has many treasures in their catalog. Oh interestingly, like the Olympia disc in my last post that had been re-issued, it seems this recording was also on Hyperion!! That's odd to me...but that's what I learned by looking @ the L.F.O. site.




Anonymous said...

Great shares in your recent posts! The music you share are always top quality and yet often less known. I seem to enjoy most of it which is quite rare, since my tastes lean towards contemporary classical, but not so much of avant-garde persuasion.

I myself was going through short Malcolm Arnold phase recently, so this post is most welcome!

Thanks again!


Rikard said...

Hi, I would want to thank you for the Malcolm Arnold, he's a great composer and this is a great disc!

Tzadik said...

Hi Piterets, you are welcome, pretty nice timing with your Arnold phase, eh? ;) I agree, I'm nuts for Modern composers as well, but a lot of the avant-garde I find to be tedious..and frankly lacking in *real* ideas musically. Cheers!

Tzadik said...

Halo Rikard, happy you are enjoying the disc! Thanks for commenting..

Florio said...

Thank you so much for this great site and the excellent recordings you've collected here.
I'd actually been looking online for years for this particular recording, being a long-time Malcolm Arnold fan. This is NOT the same as the Hyperion recording (which dates from a few years later and features Edward Beckett as the flute soloist), even if both CDs present the same programme. I believe Pople is the only conductor to have put all three of the wonderful sinfoniettas together on the one CD.
Thanks again!!!

Tzadik said...

Hi there Florio you are very welcome, thank you for commenting and I am happy I could help out with this Arnold disc for you! I really love all of the early Arnold discs on Chandos too. I shall look into the Hyperion disc again if I remember, I'm almost sure that it was a repressing, perhaps the flautist listed was a typo...or..perhaps you are simply correct ;) TZ

Antônio Vinícius said...


If possible, can you update the download link, please?

Thank you in advance!