Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger - Libro Quarto D'Intavolatura Di Chitarone - Rolf Lislevand Etc.

Let us leave the 20th century for now to experience the musical alchemy of Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger, also known as Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (apparently an alias), was a quirky composer from the  near-beginning of the Baroque. best remembered for his Theorbo, Chittarone, and Lute music. No matter what the time period, I have always naturally gravitated to music and composers "off the beaten path" so to speak. Not only of course, however listening to a musical mind intent on maintaining it's individuality
is always a deeply rewarding experience (Beethoven's late String Quartets, the Masses of the 15th century master Johannes Ockeghem, and so on, the best examples are oft the gateways that bridge musical periods). Born is Venice around 1580, he was one of the few composers of the 17th century endowed with a truly experimental musical style. The "Libro IV.." shows an original mind that even now, centuries later, challenges our conception of style. Kaspberger pretty much turned his back on the 16th century and the undeniable perfection of it's polyphonic style, writing music that is perhaps the sound equivalent of "chiaroscuro" in art. The music is played on the theorbo, chitarra, chittarone, harpsichord, organ, violone, and various percussion (track 2 "Capona.." is a lovely example of the elegance of the Chittarone and the magic exotic atmosphere of the percussion). Enjoy! 

Kapsberger_Libro_Quarto_Tz .zip


Anonymous said...

Such interesting music, thanks so much for sharing this

Tzadik said...

Anon you are quite welcome. This is one of my all-time favorite early music (well, early Baroque) discs!