Thursday, February 25, 2016

An extremely unpleasant situation

Hello everyone. Yesterday afternoon (around the time I posted the "British Composers..." disc) I noticed a small wet spot on my carpet, and at first I could not figure out what the source was (or am I just finally that old and just dribbling/incontinent?). Directly above on the ceiling I have a fire sprinkler, and hanging from it, like forming stalactites, were many water droplets quietly making their way to the floor. (A few years before I moved into this apt. there had been apparently a terrible flood, which necessitated a ground-up rebuilding of the tiny apt, more or less from the ground up) So, with this history at hand, I was beyond nervous. 

After 30 min. a 4 inch crack developed next to the sprinkler, a sheet of water now coming in nonstop. With enough pots and bowls to compose a Cage or Harrison work, I managed to keep the water in check if I kept busy. Long boring story short, after many failed attempts to reach my landlord I called a sprinkler co. and a plumber as well. It seems that 75% of my ceiling must be removed, as even the 1.5 inch thick drywall and the insulation are saturated with water and falls apart at the touch. It seems a large portion of the roof on the side of the house where my apt is needs to be replaced, and that's why I now have a complimentary indoor pool forming on my "penthouse".

SO, the point is I am sad to report that I will have to take a break from posting; the first thing I did was frantically wrap up my computer and other devices tightly in plastic bags, then in blankets, and now in my closet they hide. The rain and wind was so bad last night I didn't want to put them in the car. Will do so today. My apt. is covered completely in plastic tarps, my ceiling is to be torn down (hopefully soon) and thus I must stay at my parents house. What to do about the portion of my music collection I keep at my place I know not. I cleared out my closets from clothes and an endless amount of other things, and have crammed them with as many boxes of discs as possible. The closets are not safe either of course so I have to get back in there and somehow crawl to my closets and try to get several thousand discs out. I'm not even thinking about appliances, I don't have the time and the effort would be too great.

Perhaps I will try to decompress whilst I stay with family by posting - but I cannot promise this.

Sorry for a long post full of woe but even writing, as it's here on my blog, is at least a bit purgative for me!

Thanks for your understanding everyone!



Johannes R. Becher said...

Sad to hear that, hope they'll be able to fix it up soon.


theblueamos said...

Don't know what to say,except be strong and endure.I hope your stuff doesn't get damaged.and that this dreadful ordeal is over soon.I have a postcard on our fridge that says Shit happens.Be well I'll be thinking of you.Best wishes from Jerusalem.

Music Lover said...

how terrible for you!

Marcelo Lasta said...

Todas mis esperanzas en que mejorará tu situación.Animo,calma..,templanza y salud.Saludos cordiales.

cjvinthechair said...

B****y H**l, Mr. T - that's diabolical bad fortune ! Yes, yes...first secure your possessions, get installed chez parents, then find the best advice about who's 'liable', so you can reclaim your life as soon as possible & without hideous expense.
COULD just be of course that music is your salvation to calm the turmoil in your mind; maybe WE should be suggesting things for YOU to listen to for a change !
Uugghh ! Horrific for you - so sorry to hear. Will check in from time to time in case you've an update on progress. Meantime, fingers firmly crossed for a swift, positive outcome !

Anonymous said...

Bahhh... That's very ugly... Hope, I'll never see such a disaster (haven't seen yet). I wish you good luck in these times, I hope, your situation will become more comfortable soon. Thank you for widening my musical horizon in the last years, as you surely will do in the next years.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your situation. Keep the stuff as safe as you can. At least you are safe and sound and it did not fall on YOU. Thanks so much for the heads up. Try keeping in good spirits.

All my best wishes for your emotional and physical health.

paul burton

Maggi said...

So sad to hear about that, sounds like quite a desaster. As it's already said before: Shit happens... I know that quite well and I can imagine how you feel.

I'll be waiting for you to come back.

All the best wishes from germany

Aedin said...

Sorry for your misfortune. I really appreciate all your wonderful shares.

Frazec (vulgo Jean-Philipe Rameau) said...

I hope everything turns to be solved and become all right.
I also hope you may be able to come back soon!

Hyde said...

hope it all works out ok. thanks for the tunes.

Animeotaku-sempai/Animeotaku-san said...

Take your time. I can always wait.

PS. Still love some of your rare Hovhaness postings and commentary.

Matt Brown said...

I am so sorry, hope you get all the help you need to get through this, if it helps you have a lot of us anonymous people who appreciate what you do greatly,and I personally hope you get through this with you being OK, don't worry about us! Best wishes, Jim Semadeni, Kansas City MO(my account is my AKA)

Art Rock said...

Good luck - having to leave home because of problems like this is very stressful. Take your time to start posting again - and thanks for all your shares!

coppinsuk said...

Hello TZ,

I feel your pain. It seems that you have had a somewhat fraught time recently. I'm sure when it is all over you will be a much better person and that you will look back and laugh yourself silly - well I hope so.

All the very best during this stressful period.

Take care and smile when you can.

Best regards,

Douglas (UK)

r. said...

Dear Tz

please accept our best wishes in order to keep all your stuff, your health and psychic wellness without any new problems!

be patient, strong and sustain the calm in order to find the solutions.
hope the worker you have to hire will be the best to recompound your home.

dont worry about the posts, the people who came here must be understand and surely will bring you the neccesary support.

Please be fine.
and many many many thanks for your efforts
on trying to bring us music that arent found
on this side of the world.

Praying to your well safety and peace.


Hopster said...

In this difficult time I wish I could send you some of the good feelings that your posts have given me. Be strong, take care of yourself. I hope the situation gets resolved quickly.

bruce said...

Good luck, friend. Such things happen. Hope it works out ok.

Scraps said...

Omigod, I'm really sorry.

I have lots and lots of my cds already burned, and maybe I could send you (on the internet) some stuff? (If I had anything that you didn't have! Classical, lotsa avant-jazz, punk? ;-) ) It would be easy, and maybe that would be one thing that would be a little bit nice....



RonanM said...

This is very stressful for you. We are all thinking of you and wishing you well.

I hope that things are back to normal soon!

Joan Tallada said...

So unfortunate, Tzadik! I send you all my best wishes so you can fix the situation soon and enjoy life. Joan

Mr. Kiser said...

Godpeed, Mr. Tzadik

Anonymous said...

Siento sus penalidades, las siento como si fueran mías.
Ánimo y gracias.


Pia (Iceland) said...

Worry about posting again (don't really) in the future - NOW is for taking care of yourself Tz!

Paul Brigg said...

Hope things get sorted out soon, and as painlessly as possible. Similar thing happened to me a while back (thanks to leaky pipes), and most of kitchen and bathroom ceiling had to be stripped out and replaced. Messy and annoying, but no permanent harm done.

All the best to you.

Slabtown said...

What a terrible situation. Upheaval such as that is bad enough if it's scheduled (we are without water today, for example, thanks to water-main repairs), but far worse if it's an emergency and your possessions are suddenly at risk.

I've thoroughly enjoyed your site with its interesting and intelligent postings. With luck, you'll be back treating us all to your offerings.

Paul (in Canada)

Tubarec said...

Hello! here in Argentina also amidst the rain and wishes!

Anonymous said...

Sorte - J. Geraldo Brasil

Audentity said...

Terrible news :( Water is the bringer of life and also of destruction!
My thoughts are with you during this stressful time.

theblueamos said...

How are you? give a sign.

Marcelo Lasta said...

Te extrañamos mucho,amamos este blog luminoso-tenebroso,ecléctico y soberano,todos te deseamos e corazón que estés bien,pronta recuperación anímica,espiritual y de musas.Un fortissimo abrazo desde las Pampas.Doctor Tapirman.

CM said...

Hi Tzadik,
I see that you are very keen on Hovhaness. Might you possibly have a transfer of the old Kostelanez LP, please? l'm very keen to have a good transfer of the marvellous (both music & perfirmance) Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. Kind regards and best wishes, Craig

Tzadik said...

You know Craig I do have a transfer somewhere......sadly it is only to cassette tape. I really have no idea where it might be! Trust me I have plenty of cassettes I'd love to burn to disc or directly to my mac but that poses several problems :( Hopefully someday - although there's also the question of tape degradation.