Friday, February 12, 2016

Birthdays & Events for February 11th and 12th

Feb 11th

1567 Thomas Campion, composer/poet/physician
1740 Matej Sojka
1751 Joseph Waast Aubert Nonot
1752 Josef Reicha
1753 Lambert-Francois Godecharle
1758 Christian Ignatius Latrobe,
1760 Jan Ladislav Dussek
1778 Franz Joseph Volkert
1853 Bertram Luard-Selby
1885 Licinio Refice
1886 Gustaf Lazarus Nordqvist
1886 Michel Brusselmans
1891 Maurice Yvain
1898 LeRoy Harris (When Johnny comes Marching Home etc..)
1899 Albert Huybrechts
1914 Gordon Tex Beneke, saxophonist/bandleader/vocalist (Glenn Miller Orchestra)
1916 Karl Hubert Rudolf Schiske
1917 Thomas K Scherman, conductor
1923 Mel Powell
1929 Agustin Gonzalez Acilu
1936 Arnost Parsch
1955 Bill Laswell, American bassist and record producer
1967 Chitravina N. Ravikiran


1840 Gaetano Donizetti's Opera "La Fille du Regiment" premieres in Paris
1843 Opera "I Lombardi" premieres in Milan
1903 Anton Bruckner's 9th Symphony premieres in Vienna
1916 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra presents its first concert
1922 "April Showers" by Al Jolson hits #1

Feb 12th:

1755 Albert Christoph Dies
1790 Ignaz Assmayer
1810 Loisa Puget,
1819 Samuel Parkman Tuckerman
1830 Hans Bronsart von Schellendorf
1830 Peter Arnold Heise
1874 Fritz Bennicke Hart
1875 Sara Wennerberg-Reuter
1879 Jean Gilbert
1882 Gheorghe Cucu
1883 Paul August von Klenau
1889 Vladimir Mikhaylovich Deshevov
1894 Alfonso Leng
1895 Viktor Nikolayevich Trambitsky
1897 Yves de La Casiniere
1903 Hans Redlich
1912 Rudolf Firkusny, pianist
1913 Lucio Diestro San Pedro
1914 Menelaos Pallantios
1922 Tudor Jarda
1926 Alexander Gibson, conductor
1929 Leonard Gregory Kastle
1930 C H Dearnley, organist
1932 Jerome Lowenthal, Phila, pianist/professor
1934 Francesco Pennisi
1935 Bent Lorentzen
1937 Lodewijk Boer, violinist/playwright
1938 Willy Correa de Oliveira
1954 Noriyuki Asakura
1956 H.R. (Paul D. Hudson, vocalist of the seminal punk/hardore band Bad Brains) 
1956 Didier Lockwood, violinist


1889 Caesar Franck's Symphony in D premieres
1906 George Cohan's musical "George Washington" premieres in NYC
1978 "Jesus Christ Superstar" closes at Longacre Theater NYC after 96 performances

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Pete from PA said...

lol folks why would someone click on the 'rather death' box for these informative posts? lots of ungrateful people online..

Johannes R. Becher said...

How did you ever learn about the existence of this? There is no much informative stuff out there, save for the page you found the image in and an entry in the german wikipedia (as well as in the polish but I cannot read it).

That page is most interesting. Browsing through it I've been reminded about the existence of the 'trautonium' and a piece written for it by no less that Paul Hindemith. I actually also knew it, it's just that I had forgotten it; it's only some months since I finished reading Krenek's memoirs (Im Atem der Zeit, why it's only the german translation commercially available rather than the english original I cannot tel), and I now remember he mentions P.H. (whom he was rather envious of) was always chasing after the latest trends and even ended up writing the aforementioned piece.


Scraps said...

I so envy the voice (and speed) of H.R. They were one of my favorite hardcore bands, at least until I found out about their raging homophobia. Ah, well...

Tzadik said...

Pete, thank you for you defense but it's not necessary ;) I love it! I find it amusing and wonderful that a person would click on 'rather death' for such a benign thing. It cheers me up every time!


Tzadik said...

Johannes, I am actually impressed; how did you mange to find the image? I probably have bookmarked someplace (have 1000's of music haunts I never have time to visit!) however I didn't get this most interesting image from there. I have actually posted Hindemith's Trautonium Sonata here, on a disc of rare Hindemith sonatas no less. I still haven't read the Krenek, mostly due to the fact that I cannot speak proper German. Even with the similarities, throw Yiddish my way and I am in more familiar territory!



Tzadik said...

Scraps, oh man do I agree!! H.R. was just explosive, he had the power of an atomic bomb on stage. And his signature raspy voice was just kickass, and that melt-your-ears-and-face off velocity!! My favorite example still is "I Against I", and I love the way it just rams it's sonic head through the "Intro" with that special raw guitar Bad Brains sound...and then H.R. come in, and I simply go wild!!


Johannes R. Becher said...

Dear Tzadik,

google has a nice image search engine. Just enter, click the camera icon on the search box and, on the popup, either paste an image's url (link) or upload it (if you have it on your hard disk). Voilà!

I remember that disk, it's only I haven't fully explored it yet. A good reason to do it now!

Yiddish! I wish I could read it or understand it, it would grant me access to nice stuff from less obscure times (from times obscure in another way should I say). Well, when I see it written (in latin characters) I can grasp many words and even a very general sense, no more. But relocating to Birobidzhan in order to learn it is not a feasible option.