Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Evgeny Stankovich (Yevhen Stankovych) - Symphony of Pastorals in D Minor - Chamber Symphony No. 2 - Music for the Radio Play "The Night Before Christmas" Ukranian State Symphony Orchestra, Fedor Glushchenko - Consonance 1994

Hello everyone. I am trying these days to squeeze in a quick post where I can, and I think this is a rather interesting one.

Ever since the recent Gliere/Stankovych post I have had Stankovych on my mind, but really no time to try and locate my other discs by Mister Yevhen. This morning I found this Consonance disc, under a stack of Gramophone magazines in my closet :) I will **try** to add information for this wonderful release tonight. I will say quickly that I prefer the mysterious "Chamber Symphony No. 2" and the charming "The Night Before Christmas" (from Gogol's stories Nights on a Khutor near Dikanka") radio play over the "Symphony of Pastorals", which is more of an extended violin concerto. I do like "..Pastorals" as well, it is just that to this day I find that I must warm up to it - each time I listen that is. Then again I have played the other two works much more.

I find the opening of the Chamber Symphony especially enchanting with its distant, shofar-like call from the flute (I have always wondered if it's a bass flute; my ears have been of little help!)  and then briefly a couple other winds. The is wonderful music.. as is the cheerful, lighter music of the Radio Play.

Yevhen Stankovych

Track list:

1)Symphony of Pastorals in D Minor (35:50)

2)Chamber Symphony No. 2 (15:42)

3)Music for the Radio Play "The Night Before Christmas" (11:15)

Again I hope to add the info tonight, as well as get to visitor comments. Thank you for your patience

Enjoy this discovery!


Marcelo Lasta said...

Maravilloso cd,graaaaaaaaaaaaacias amigazooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sterligov King said...

Thank you so much!

Toon van Dijk said...

Many thanks and regards from The Netherlands.
Veel dank en groeten uit Nederland.

Tzadik said...

Saludos doctor T! Ha sido un largo tiempo desde que hemos "hablado". O se siente de esa manera, he estado demasiado ocupado :( Stankovych es un muy buen compositor, cerrando las composiciones un poco antes de otros compositores ucranianos (algunos elementos populares se pueden escuchar en la música de Stankovych ..) con su propia marca de modernidad muy accesible . Espero que esté bien mi amigo!

su TZ

Tzadik said...

Hello Sterligov, thank you for visiting/commenting! You are very welcome :)


Tzadik said...

As always you are welcome Toon, be well friend


cjvinthechair said...

Yes - Night before C'mas is enjoyable.
Had Chamber Symphonies 3 & 7 (from goodness knows where !) so this will be new....& didn't know of the 'violin symphony' at all. Great - thank you, Mr. T.!

Tzadik said...

Cjv, hellooooooo sir.

I actually do not know/can't remember if I have the chamber symphonies you mention. I hope I do!
-Once again it is nice for me to post something you do not already have ;)