Sunday, February 7, 2016

Birthdays & Events for February 7th

1707 Carl August Thielo
1710 William Boyce
1739 Joseph Pouteau
1758 Benedikt Emanuel Schack
1822 Joaquin y Garbayo Gaztambide
1823 Richard Genee
1825 Crystobal Oudrid y Segura
1847 Ernst Franck, composer/conductor
1863 Mieczyslaw Soltys
1864 Ricardo Castro Herrera
1871 Karl Wilhelm Eugen Stenhammer ("Excelsior!"'s fun to exclaim..and it's a lovely overture)
1875 Erkki Gustav Melartin (his symphonies (six) are must-haves!)
1875 Walter Courvoisier
1877 Feliks Nowowiejski
1878 Ossip Gabrilovich
1887 Eubie Blake, US ragtime composer/pianist 
1891 Joachim Stutschewsky
1897 Quincy Porter (still neglected American composer, his string quartets are especially fine)
1925 Marius Constant, composer/conductor
1927 John Buller
1938 Robert Frank Baksa (American composer, seriously neglected. His music for winds is lovely)
1954 Dieter Bohlen


1792 Domenic Cimarosa's opera "Il Matrimonio Segreto" premieres in Vienna
1931 American composer Deems Taylor's opera "Peter Ibbetson" premieres at Met Opera, NYC
1964 Roger Sessions's Symphony No. 5 premieres


Scraps said...

Robert Frank Baksa (American composer, seriously neglected. His music for winds is lovely)

I'm intrigued!

Rphus said...

Cool illustration Tz, the boy is either stargazing or checking out your kist of bdays :)
Keep up the extraordinary work! I especially enjoy the photos/paintings that you add to each of these posts, you make it all very eclectic. Thank you


Tzadik said...

Scraps I will post Baksa for you **when** I can find some, there is no doubt in my mind that those cds are
still stacked in one of dozens of cardboard boxes sealed with industrial-strength tape...


Tzadik said...

Hey Rphus, thank you for commenting! I love getting first-time comments :) Yep, I was pleased that the boy seems to be looking at the list; it was not intentional though I noticed it immediately w. a smile.

Thanks for the kind words friend!!