Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"The Classic Rózsa": Miklós Rózsa - North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances - The Vintner's Daughter - Hungarian Serenade - Concerto for Strings - Frankenland Symphony Orchestra, Carlos Sauvina/Erich Kloss - DRG 1988

So I am quickly posting this fantastic Rózsa disc on a whim; I was trying to import a cd on CRI of solo flute music to share, and halfway into track no. 2  iTunes froze up, the disc stuck in the drive, spinning frantically and creating the most grating of sounds (I'm sure you have all experienced this!)
So, I couldn't force quit iTunes or get the disc from the drive for 20 minutes, and now I have to run. The frustrating thing is I bought this (the solo flute music) cd years ago, and never unwrapped it until now; likely it's the cd that is defective : /

So, I MUST post something now quickly before leaving...I can't help it.

Miklós Rózsa wrote much beautiful music, for the concert hall and for cinema. (You all know this I'm sure!) These are perfect examples of his concert music, and I am guessing that many of you will know these lovely works, if not this particular recording. This delightful recording was originally released in 1961 and then was remastered  in 1988 (with very fine sound).

I am including the booklet scans as well.





Marcelo Lasta said...

Gracias,Sr.Tzadik. EN naxos algo he escuchado ya de este autor,aunque no supera a Korngold.Abrazo tapiresco.

coppinsuk said...

Thanks TZ - I will look forward to hearing this one.

Hope you were able to extricate the troublesome CD?

Take care.


Douglas (UK)

Tzadik said...

Buen lunes a que Doc T, que son bienvenidos a mi amigo. ¿Quiere decir que usted tiene un disco de música de Rózsa en Naxos? Korngold fue uno de los más grandes compositores de cine para venir de Europa del Este (como usted sabe, muchos de los mejores compositores / directores / artistas / productores de cine vinieron de Europa ..) y yo soy un gran fan de su música. Parece que está bastante familiarizado con Korngold ... apuesto a que puede recordar la primera vez que escuchó su Concierto para violín :-) Yo sé que hacer!

Su mejor hermano en Estados Unidos,


Tzadik said...

Hi Douglas my friend.

I'm sure you will enjoy this, Rozsá's music is so very likable - every note is just right :)
As for the solo flute disc, I'm just happy it didn't explode into small silvery shards! I got it out eventually,
and I will have a go with it tomorrow in my car, see if it's agreeable in a different player. Otherwise I shall have to try a second dvd/cd drive that I have stashed someplace. Btw - do you have a favorite solo instrument?



Johannes R. Becher said...

I had already most of these pieces, dispersed among several discs (notably the Chandos Miklós Rózsa Orchestral Works series), but I've downloaded it all the same to pay a listen to the Peasant Songs and to read the liner notes (I'm quite a liner notes freak). Man! This is music.

As for having to bow to the emperor and even worse, to the regent, well... a composer's life may have such unpleasant moments as anyone else's, I guess.


Marcelo Lasta said...

Hola Tzadik,en efecto ,he escuchado el Violinkonzert de Korngold en el Teatro más bello-y uno de los mejores del planeta- el Teatro Colon porteño(donde tocó Toscanini,Strauss y Piazzolla),un rito inolvidable,por cierto amo sus 2 Sinfonias y la suite Mucho ruido y pocas nueces,de una ternura sinigual,abrazos patagónicos!!! Suyo Tapirman.