Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today's Birthdays & Events, February 24th

Feb 24th:

1679 Domenico Natale Sarro
1704 Hubert Renotte
1717 Bernhard Hupfeld
1766 Samuel Wesley, composer/organist
1771 Johann Baptist Cramer, pianist/composer/publisher
1797 Samuel Lover
1842 Arrigio Enrico Boito (best known for his opera ''Mefistofele'' and as librettist of Verdi's ''Otello'' and ''Falstaff.''
1846 Luigi Denza
1876 Jean Poveigh
1877 Rudolf Ganz
1890 Antonio Massana
1905 Guillaume Landre
1911 Konrad Lechner
1912 Julius Kowalski
1921 Ingvar Lidholm
1923 David Soyer, cellist
1932 Michel Legrand
1934 Renata Scotto, soprano and opera director
1934 Shuko Mizuno
1947 Lonnie Turner, bassist/vocalist (Steve Miller Band)
1947 Rupert Holmes, musician/playwright
1962 Michelle Shocked, singer/musician


1607 Claudio Monteverdi's opera "Orfeo" premieres in Mantua
1711 Handel's opera "Rinaldo" premieres at Haymarket theatre in London
1939 Roy Harris's Symphony No. 3 premieres in Boston


Scraps said...

Now, really! I only have one working hand, and it's a bitch to get jars open. Never thought of police action, though. Now I'm wondering: could fireman get jars open even better?

Tzadik said...

Scraps yes I think it's time to call the authorities! Have the men in blue come open your jars!

Scraps: Hello, police? I'm desperate for help, in a tight situation here.
Copper: What seems to be the problem?
Scraps: It's my jelly! My jelly is jammed!
Copper: Well what's the problem then? Jam is just as good as jelly, I say..
Scraps: Please officer, this is all just too jarring for me!!
Copper: Ok relax relax already, I'm on my way!

5 minutes later, Scraps calls the station:

Scraps: Yes, dispatcher...please tell officer hungadunga to forget it, I do not need help after all.
Dispatcher: Sir, are you sure you are ok now?

Scraps: Yes. My jelly's jammed it's true, but I kinda like it that way.

Dispatcher: Well good for you, sir! Jamming your jelly keeps things preserved!

:-P :-P :-P

:D :D :D :D

Scraps said...


Tzadik said...