Sunday, February 14, 2016

Birthdays & Events for February 15th

Feb 15th:

1557 Alfonso Fontanelli
1571 Michael Praetorius (best known for his delightful "Terpsichore",  a series of over 300 instrumental dances)
1740 Ernst Eichner (Neglected German composer. Wrote over 30 symphonies and 20 concertos)
1760 Jean-Francois Le Sueur
1783 Johann Nepomuk Poissl
1789 Friedrich Fesca
1807 Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski
1822 Theodor Uhlig
1847 Robert Fuchs (a late romantic, Fuchs penned appealing and tuneful music. He was also an important teacher, and (some of) his students included Gustav Mahler, Erich Korngold, Hugo Wolf, Jean Sibelius, Alexander Zemlinsky, Franz Schmidt, Franz Schreker, and even Erkki Melartin!
1855 Gustav Hollaender
1874 Emilis Melngailis
1885 Richard Wurz
1893 Walter Donaldson, pianist/composer (Girl Crazy, Whoopee)
1899 Georges Auric (French composer, member of "Les Six")
1905 Harold Arlen (Over the Rainbow..)
1907 Jean Langlais (French composer best known for his imo superb organ and choral music)
1920 Ingmar Milveden
1927 Gottfrid Grasbeck
1937 Zoltan Pesko
1947 John Adams (needs no introduction!)
1949 Christopher Rouse (no intro needed here either, another American composer)
1949 Hans Graf, conductor


1686 Jean Baptiste Lully's opera "Armide" premieres in Paris
1941 Duke Ellington records "Take the A Train"


Anonymous said...

What an odd, yet great photo!

Tzadik said...

Ah, happy you like it. I bought this in my 20's (I found it as a postcard, and loved the interpretive possibilities, not to mention the facial expression of this most curious girl; is she 10? is she 20? I cannot tell but her stare is somehow wonderful!) however this is not the actual scan.