Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Arnold Rosner-Music of Arnold Rosner (Chamber Music Vol.1)

This is the first volume of Rosner's chamber music from Albany records. "Of Numbers and of Bells" op.71 (1983) is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard, especially in the repertoire for works
for two pianos. It is at turns delicate, thunderous, mystical, mysterious. The Sonata French Horn & Piano and the Sonata No. 1 for Violoncello & Piano are also fine works, The Former has quite the
Hindemithian feel to it. "Nightstone" "Three Settings from The Song of Songs" (1979) for Tenor & Piano is a drop-dead gorgeous song-cycle. My only disappointment is that the Tenor on this recording seems unprepared and uneasy with the music; at times his voice sounds weak. In the hands (vocal chords) of someone like Ian Bostridge this would be an other-worldly experience. That said, "Nightstone" is still gorgeous, even with a weak tenor.

I would really *APPRECIATE* feedback/opinions on Rosner's music; his music changed my life and I'm still stunned that almost no one has shared thoughts or comments...     Enjoy!

A major work in the repertoire for two pianos is Of Numbers and of Bells, completed shortly after New Year’s Day 1983, as Rosner’s Opus 79 and dedicated to his close friends Terri and Robert Hope. Possessing an enormous dynamic range, this work moves from a delicate filigree of tintinnabulation to massive, bell-like sonorities of symphonic—one is tempted to say cosmic—proportions, all within its 15-minute duration. Its direct emotional appeal derives from its uncanny evocation of time suspended like a glittering crystal of frozen light, then released—suddenly and inevitably—as a torrent of sound. In writing about the work, the composer had this to say: “When I started work on what would have been my fourth piano sonata I conceived a first allegro theme which was fine to listen to and easy to play once or twice, but which dwelt on the weaker fingers of the right hand so much as to make it downright painful to play repeatedly. As I thought the tune would bear some restatements, it occurred to me to convert the piece into an essay for two pianos. This entirely pragmatic solution lead to some technical and even spiritual directions, as the title Of Numbers and of Bells may suggest. I decided to make extensive use of cross-rhythm, generally much easier for two players than one, although some passages in the finished work still involve extremely difficult ensemble. Several sections or tableaux are built on conflicting steady rhythms, which I tried to differentiate and clarify by wide spacing of tessitura and stereophonic distance between the keyboards. To codify just one example, about 6 minutes into the piece, the first piano right hand plays a line in flute range in straight 4/4 meter consisting of mixed 8th and 16th notes. The left hand is in baritone range in unvarying 8th notes, but the melodic and accent pattern amount to 11/8. The second piano uses both hands to play a modal chorale ‘in mid-range in notes precisely 5/16 long. The listener is not expected to perceive these algebraic relationships and would probably be distracted from the music if he tried. I hope some mystical and pleasantly complex overlays may make themselves felt in a directly emotional way.”



Anonymous said...

La música interpretada en instrumentos de cuerda son mis preferidos, especialmente : Piano y Guitara, es primera ves que escucho a Arnold_Rosner, soy aficionada a la música más suave y delicada pero los cambios de armonia en el son apasionantes. Gracias por su Blogger.

sneffels said...

This is fascinating music! I'd never heard anything by Rosner before. Thank you!

But who are the people playing it?
Is there a tracklist?
Are there texts for the songs?
Who wrote the poetry?
Are there notes for any of the works other than Of Numbers And Bells?

Thank you again and again!

Tzadik said...

Hola Rita, gracias por visitar y comentar. Feliz disfruta de la Rosner, él es un verdadero genio. Yo también amo la música de piano, y en especial la música de guitarra, moderna y también la gran tradición española (Rodrigo, Tárrega, Ponce (quien es mexicana), etc y por supuesto los mejores jugadores (Pepe Romero, Assad Brothers, y así sucesivamente) Saludos!

Tzadik said...

Hello sneffels I'm very happy you like the music. -Please check out my other Rosner posts too. I can add the track listing, artists playing and provide notes on the other pieces. "The Song of Songs" incidentally, which is used in the vocal-cycle for lyrics, is actually sensual poetry dating back to the Hebrew Bible! Since I don't have a scanner I have to type out everything myself from the cd booklet. But, I'd be happy to do so for you. Regards

Toon van Dijk said...

I've search the history of your uploads and I found a lot of interesting posts. It will take some time to download all and even more time hear all.
I send you my regards with best wishes for 2015

musicaweb61 said...

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