Friday, September 19, 2014

Christoph Willibald Gluck - The Seven Trio Sonatas

No one thinks of Gluck as an instrumental composer, and his output for instruments is in fact quite modest—just these trio sonatas (there's also an 8th sonata apparently) and a handful of symphonies (besides, that is, the numerous dances in, and overtures to, his operas). You will listen in vain for the composer of Orfeo and the two Iphigenies here. The music however is attractive and charming, especially played appropriately on period instruments. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you ofr unusual Gluck, its very good!

Tzadik said...

Happy you enjoy, I find it interesting considering Gluck mostly wrote operas. For me that's the appeal. Plus it's nice music

ricardo said...

hi friend, your blog is great
may you please repost the gluck's sonates whenever you can ?
thank you !