Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vaughan Williams-Heroic Elegy & Triumphal Epilogue (World Premiere) & Premieres of Alwyn, Bowen & Parry

This Dutton Epoch disc has all world premiere recordings. It's full of great tunes and great music.
As a Vaughan Williams freak in particular it is simply a must recording for me. Enjoy.

And the track listing:

William Alwyn
1) Overture in the Form of a Serenade (1946)

Ralph Vaughan Williams
2-3) Heroic Elegy & Triumphal Epilogue (1901 rev. 1902) 

York Bowen
4) Orchestral Poem "Eventide" (1922)

William Alwyn
5) Prelude (1925)

6) Blackdown- a Tone Poem from the Surrey Hills (1926)

7-10) Peter Pan Suite (1923)
7)Peter Pan
8)Tinker Bell
9)The Lost Boys in Never-Never Land
10)Captain Hook

11)Ad Infinitum-a Satire for Orchestra (1929)

Sir Hubert Parry
12-14) "Hypatia"- Incidental music (1892)
12)Hypatia & Philammon-Andante
13)Ruth & Orestes-Allegro
14)Oreste's March-Moderato alla marcia



Art Rock said...

I have just discovered your blog, lovely way to sample so many CD's that are difficult to find. Thanks for your work!

Tzadik said...

Welcome :) And you are right. I've been collecting for years however I always have more to learn/discover too and thanks to other blogs I get to do that; thus I created this blog as a thank you to similar bloggers and foremost to offer music to all visitors. -Thank you for commenting! Regards

Tzadik said...

Hey thanks for adding my blog to your links :)
-I will have to check out your blogs, I already like what I see there!

guilloteclub said...

I think exactly like you about the marvellous world of the MUSIC in our lives

YiannisK said...

An excellent CD, pure joy! Thank you very much

Tzadik said...

Guilloteclub, I'm happy you get it too :) Enjoy friend

Tzadik said...

Hi YiannisK you are very welcome! Comments indeed make me happy that I take the time to post the music. So are you a fan of Skalkottas? Nothing wrong with national pride ;)

Fernando De Cicco said...

A pure joy of music, many thanks!

Tzadik said...

Hi Fernando you are quite welcome! Sorry I missed your comment until now.. Tz