Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peter Sculthorpe - String Quartets Vol. 1

I finally found my copy of Volume 1 (I already posted Vol. 2 in the Tall Poppies series with the Goldner Quartet a month ago) so here we go. It's an incredible series. I still am looking for my
Vol.3 and will post it whenever I find it! Enjoy!


theblueamos said...

Thank you so much!!! what fantastic, wonderful posts I listened to them all day at work.dont know which I enjoy more? think the Brodsky Otter,give me some time.All the very best from Jerusalem.

Tzadik said...

Hey Tba you are quite welcome, happy you enjoy them :D
To be honest I like both recordings quite a lot, however I "think" I prefer the Goldner. I say it that way because the Goldner is the series and they have done the complete Qts, and I've listened to the set dozens and dozens of times, the Brodsky is clearly excellent too but I've played it maybe 10 times in the past. I too need to hear the Brodsky more thoroughly! -Cheers

Tzadik said...

Give me your verdict whenever you reach it ;)